Episcopal High School

t Episcopal, all students board and come from approximately 29 states and 20 different countries. An experienced faculty, small classes (average is 11), 62 advanced courses, and integrated technology (with laptop computer program) support the pursuit of academic excellence. One can’t help but be captivated by the enthusiasm, curiosity, creativity, and genuine warmth of the very special group of adults and young people from around the world who live and learn together in this 100 percent boarding community. Episcopal is uniquely positioned to prepare our students not just to excel in outstanding colleges and universities but to take their place as caring and gifted leaders on a local and global level. For more than 175 years our students have thrived in our school’s rich array of academic offerings, embraced our commitment to personal honor, ethical leadership, and spiritual growth, and been guided and inspired by the close and caring relationships they develop with the adults here. Our school’s innovative approach to curriculum and program that dives deeply into the opportunities and global connections of Washington, D.C., sets us apart and offers our students an educational experience unlike any other.


Geographic Location 

Located In Alexandria, VA, Episcopal High School is a private boarding school for boys and girls in grades 9 through 12.

Academic Results

Episcopal High School ranked 1st in the Best Christian High Schools in Virginia in Niche’s Best school ranking 2022. Their academic program prepares students for success in college and beyond by providing a rigorous liberal arts education enriched by technology and hands-on learning. Students are challenged by talented faculty in small classes that encourage quality interactions. A variety of teaching methods are used that incorporate current pedagogy and reflect a diversity of learning styles.

An Episcopal High School education is more than just acquired knowledge – it is also discovery, exploration, creativity, and collaboration. Students and faculty work together in a learning community to make the most of each subject, whether engaging in lively classroom discussion and debates, analyzing the meaning behind a poem or work of art, or utilizing technology to create an innovative solution to a problem. 

Extra-curricular Activities 
The Washington Program gives students the opportunity to explore the city, learning from and collaborating with experts from organizations affecting change on a national level. 
At Episcopal, they offer a comprehensive arts program through which students have an extraordinary opportunity to excel in their chosen art form or to explore newly discovered interests and talents. Episcopal also believes that physical exercise and conditioning are very important to the health of every teenage boy and girl and that habits and routines of exercise begun at a young age are important to lifelong health.
Episcopal’s athletics facilities rank among the finest of any high school in the nation and each year, Episcopal fields 46 interscholastic teams (including 27 varsity and 19 lower level teams) in 18 different sports. More than 375 students per year participate on these teams, and most freshmen and sophomores participate in interscholastic competition during all three seasons.


Location Alexandria, VA
School Types Grades 9-12
Category Co-ed
Founded Year 1839
Number of Students 440
School Website https://www.episcopalhighschool.org/
School Address 1200 NORTH QUAKER LANE ALEXANDRIA, VA 22302