Dallam School

Dallam School is a co-educational, state boarding school. The school was established in 1984 when the Heversham Grammar School and Milnthorpe Secondary School merged. Heversham School was founded and endowed in 1619/20. It is a welcoming school locates in the beautiful countryside up in the north, giving students proximity to plenty of outdoor activities. The school aims to develop its students into responsible and caring individuals.The school offers a broad curriculum of academic pathway. In the Sixth Form, students have the choice of IB, A Levels or BTECs for students who opt for a more vocational pathway. A wide spectrum of subjects like art, product design, criminology, healthcare, business/economics, PE, psychology, and travel and tourism, alongside academic subjects are offered to help students explore their full potential.


Geographic Location

Cumbria, North West England, bordering Scotland.

School Facilities

The school’s expansive facilities boast an in-school swimming pool, tennis and netball courts, football and hockey fields, a cricket pavilion, gardens, an orchard, a nature reserve and a sanctuary.

Academic Results

In August 2018, Sexey’s celebrated another year of great examination results at both GCSE and A Level, in which its students performed the best out of all state schools in Somerset.

Extra-curricular Activities 

In addition to inspiring students academically, the school has made available many extra-curricular activities that interest students, give them new skills or help them develop natural abilities. A wide variety of clubs for sports like rugby, football (girls and boys), cricket, athletics, gymnastics, rounders and running, and many more for students to explore. In addition, a broad range of activities like music and singing, drama, art, music, science, media, English or maths, journalism, publishing clubs, charity and volunteering work, student leadership committees, etc. as well as working lunches with guest speakers from different industries are made available. Many international educational residential trips to countries such as Austria, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Poland and Spain are arranged for students wanting more international exposure.


Location Cumbria, North West England
School Types Non-selective State Boarding School
Category Co-ed
Founded Year 1050
Number of Students 139
School Website https://dallamschool.co.uk/
School Address Main St, Milnthorpe LA7 7DD