Brisbane Grammar School

Values of learning , leadership, endeavour, respect and community are what underpin Brisbane Grammar School. These values assist in its purpose of educating and nurturing boys to become thoughtful, confident men of character who contribute to their communities.

One of Australia’s most highly regarded educational institutions, the school continually cultivates high-quality graduating students and is justifiably proud of its Old Boys and the contributions that they have made in science, medicine, business, education, law and the military, both in Australia and internationally. It is delighted to have had twenty-four past students selected as Rhodes Scholars for Queensland and Australia as a whole.


Geographic Location

Brisbane Grammar School, situated in Spring Hill, lies on a wonderfully landscaped and heritage listed site at the edge of Brisbane’s central business district.

School Facilities

The school’s facilities include libraries for students and staff, the forum, breakout learning spaces, experimental teaching labs, an art centre, playing fields, an outdoor education centre, rowing boatshed and a tennis centre.

Academic Restults

In 2019, as in previous years, 100% of BGS students who applied for further study received an offer, with overseas offers extending from world-leading academic institutions such as Oxford University, Dartmouth College and King’s College London. Scholarships earned amounted to more than $1.1 million.

Extra-curricular Activities 

Students benefit from an extensive cultural program across music, drama and art, an individual athletic development program, and a diversity of over 50 clubs and activities.


Location Queensland
School Types Private boarding school
Category All-boys
Founded Year 1869
Number of Students 1700
School Website
School Address 24 Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill QLD 4000