Graduated from University of Manitoba in Canada, Heidi returned to Hong Kong in 1988 and started to work for consultation of overseas studies. She founded Academic Advisers in 1998 to provide consulting services for students to study in UK and Australia. 

Heidi also set up AAplus to provide high-quality English and Chinese training service for students. With over 30 years working experience in the industry, Heidi has recently offered advisory service to Beacon Group on overseas study marketing strategy and business management.

Other than academic consultation, Heidi also actively supports the development of local art education. In 2019, Academic Advisers organised an Art Competition – Artucation – My Future in Art to offer students an opportunity to participate in Korean Art Study Tour for free. 10 winners are selected among over 100 participants. The competition has encourage students who have potential and talents in art to broaden their horizons and extend their global awareness through the Korea Art Study Tour.