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With over thirty years experience in this competitive industry, Academic Advisers will always endeavour to provide an honest service as well as understand your needs as a parent or student.

School Placement

Prospective students from Hong Kong and China can be placed into schools in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Summer Bridging Program

Eyes on the World is a 4 week Summer course in the July / August vacation period. Final week of the course is spent abroad for an adventurous way to learn English.

Student English Classes

AA+ provides quality tutoring by native English-speaking teachers, to prepare students for success in UKiset, AEAS, GCSE, IB, SAT and other independent school entrance exams, including the interview stage.

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"Academic Advisers has been helpful and supportive throughout my journey of overseas studies. From the beginning, the wonderful staffs had provided me with valuable information and gave me professional advice, in order to find the best school for me."

Keith Li

Keith Li


"Heidi encouraged me to study A-Level at Bedford School when I was deciding which high school to attend after GCSE. Through her recommendation, I was able to secure an interview at Bedford School and received an offer afterward. Looking back, Bedford School was the right step to take at the time, and I will always be thankful to Heidi for her excellent work."

Tony Ng

Tony Ng


"Academic Advisers has definitely helped me to make right choice in my life as I graduated with Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics from University of Wollongong in 2008."

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BNO計畫開始接近兩年,相信大部分計畫到英國嘅家長都已經準備充足,唯獨安排子女就學方面比較頭痕,公立學校提供免費教育但需要到步後先可以提交申請,私立學校歡迎國際學生但學費偏高。其實都仲有第三個選擇 - 公立寄宿學校。Academic Advisers 分別將於10月8、15日晚上為家長詳細講解英國公立學校的制度,並誠邀多間公立寄宿學校代表帶大家深入了解英國中小學的校園生活,有興趣的家長立即報名參加【英國公立學校升學攻略2023】啦!

27 AUG【英國頂尖寄宿中學升學講座2023】

話咁快仲有唔夠一個月就開始新一學年喇,意味住部署緊幫小朋友考入英國傳統名校嘅家長們時間又短咗一步!英國傳統Boarding Schools雖然好多都好歡迎香港嘅小朋友,但較熱門同出名嘅實在太搶手喇,所以唔少早1-2年就截止申請!Academic Advisers約定大家今個8月尾,嚟出席【英國頂尖寄宿中學升學講座2023】!

2022 APR【澳洲升學講座】

澳洲嘅政府學校同樣會接受國際生,對於想俾小朋友體驗當地學習環境但預算有限嘅家長黎講絕對係最好嘅選擇,今次講座我哋邀請左澳洲當地嘅專業教育顧問介紹一下New South Wales政府學校嘅學制同選校策略!

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