Niagara Christian Collegiate

Niagara Christian Collegiate is a non-denominational Christian school, rich in heritage and tradition. It has been recognised as an educational leader around the world for more than 80 years. Students thrive in the peaceful, friendly and nurturing environment on campus, where NCC’s mission-guided teachers prepare them for lifelong success by shaping character, building intellect, instilling self-discipline and developing leadership skills. With an international student population of approximately half, international students are welcomed to the NCC family and enjoy residence life on campus or live with a caring Canadian family through NCC’s HomeStay Program.


Geographic Location 

The 127-acre campus is located on the beautiful Niagara River near Niagara Falls, Ontario, and conveniently close to New York.

School Facilities 

All residential students have access to computer labs, wireless internet, a library, a spacious gymnasium, music and recreation rooms, fitness centers and outdoor sporting facilities, adding to the rich opportunities for students to develop leadership and social skills, confidence and self-discipline.

Academic Results

84% of graduates will attend top universities in Ontario, including the University of Toronto and York University. Students receive personal attention, empowering them to achieve higher.

Extra-curricular Activities 

School activities are an important part of the NCC experience. NCC teams have won two gold medals in swimming at SOSSA championships, in addition to multiple basketball and volleyball victories. Regularly planned weekend and evening activities such as shopping, movies, dinners, tourist attractions and cultural events enrich the lives of students in the Residential Program.


Location Niagara, Ontario
School Types Christian private boarding school
Category Co-ed
Founded Year 1932
Number of Students 270
School Website
School Address 2619 Niagara Parkway, Fort Erie, ON L2A 5M4