Academic Advisers

We personalise your experience with us...

Students grow and flourish in their academics when encouraged in a suitable environment – which is why the ideal education involves not only the reputation of the school but also the culture and lifestyle.

Academic Advisers have confidence in finding the right placement for students.

Academic Advisers understand the structure of a student application for a school and also the need for a Visa if you are from China or Hong Kong. All the information you need can be supplied by Academic Advisers as our resources are updated regularly.

What do we do?

100% success rates

We provide a hassle-free full service and believe we can guide all potential students to find their career path.

Our connections

We have experience and a reputation for placing students in schools around Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA.

AA Scholarship

The Academic Advisers Scholarship provides full support to students who are hand-picked according to determination and eagerness for growth.


Bursaries are uniquely provided by Academic Advisers and are given to assist ALL successful applicants for selected schools in Australia. A bursary can range up to AUS$1 500 (HK$10 500).