About us and our services

We believe honesty is the best policy

They will not give you false hopes but still allow flexibility. Time is precious and through fairness, Academic Advisers provide services with no hidden and unexpected charges.

We have specialisation in the represented schools

Professionalism is what they strive for, and speaking to you one on one will allow them to explain not just the 'what' and 'how' but also the 'why' for their decisions.

Academic Advisers are the only company who offer bursaries

Seeing a student succeed in their study and future career is the most rewarding experience Academic Advisers can ask for as they really care. They extend their services even after-sales to prove earning commission is not their main incentive.

Thirty years of experience is irreplaceable

Academic Advisers have witnessed the changes on how consulates interview students and understand the spirit behind the process. Therefore the training provided for prospective students are effective.

Academic Advisers is proud to state they have 100% success rates for every applicant to their required school. Let it be a school in Hong Kong or a university in Australia, Academic Advisers has connections to provide you with an abundance of choice.

Academic Advisers was established in 1998 by Heidi Mau after already serving ten years within the industry. Over the past decade, Academic Advisers has consistently strengthened its connections since its establishment and is proudly recognized by its represented schools.

The services in which Academic Advisers provide branch out into three parts:

1. School Placement

Prospective students from Hong Kong and China can be placed into schools in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America.

2. Eyes on the World - Summer Bridging Program

A 4 week Summer course in the July / August vacation period. Final week of the course is spent abroad for an adventurous way to learn English.

3. AA+ - Student English Classes

Fun English classes for Hong Kong students to become more creative thinkers with outings involved to help open the students' eyes and mind. Visit AA+